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Love/Hate Mail, Aug. 15, 2013

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Blackfish Moan

I stand behind your review 100 percent, and so do all of my co-workers ("Bait and Switch," Aug. 8). We wouldn't work at SeaWorld if we didn't believe that this company had some of the highest standards for the care of animals in the entire world. It would not be accredited by the AZA if it did anything that was sub-par. We have these orcas now, and there is nothing we can do about that, because to move them to sea pens or try to release them would no doubt be a death sentence. Instead, let them continue to receive the best care that they already do at the park. Our practices of animal care are exemplary, and are supported in part by continued public attendance.

If you feel you are against SeaWorld, then you should feel you are against any and all zoos and aquariums in the entire world (which is another philosophical debate entirely).

Beth Heart
Orlando, Fla.

Estranged brew

Just read the article by Alex Howard on this past weekend's Nashville Predators Craft Beer Festival and noticed [she] mentioned several breweries, but [she] had a glaring omission of Mayday Brewery in Murfreesboro, which is actually much larger than several mentioned ("Critics' Picks," Aug. 8). They were the first brewery in Rutherford County, with a huge following in over 150 bars and restaurants since opening eight months ago.

Tommy McCormick

Know your enemy

Hey guys, thanks for the story on brown recluses ("Buggin' Out," July 11). I know a couple of people who've been bitten by them and found too many of them in my former apartment (and a few here in my house in E. Nashville). Very educational and helpful.

Kurt Kirton

Editor's Note

Some good news for everyone who woke up Monday morning to a media landscape without The City Paper. Starting this week, Steve Cavendish, the excellent City Paper editor who presided over breaking news up to the moment the paper ceased publication on Friday, is joining the Nashville Scene as news editor.

We never wanted it to go down this way, obviously. But all of us at the Scene would be lying if we'd didn't say it's something we've wanted for a long, long time.

The Scene thinks of itself as, among other things, a newsweekly. We have watched with pride and no small amount of envy as The City Paper took on more of the vital tasks of covering city government, education and other pivotal beats. Partly by choice, partly by necessity of our small staff, we assumed a complementary role of covering multiple fronts across the city's arts scene, at a time they've never been more promising or exciting. It's definitely kept us busy — but we've always felt several key components were missing.

You'll start to see those components returning to the Scene. For one thing, Cavendish will be taking an active part in our news blog Pith in the Wind in his new capacity as news editor (a role that hasn't been filled since his fine predecessor at The City Paper, Stephen George, left in 2011). For another, you'll start to see more of his news-gathering savvy, along with many of the respected writers who made the CP a must-read. Among them are Andrea Zelinski, who'll be covering education for the Scene and state government for the Nashville Post and its widely read blog Post Politics, and master sportswriter David Boclair, who'll be making his new blog Post Sports into the best game-day companion since Yazoo Dos Perros. We'll also have our man at City Hall, Pith mainstay Steven Hale, writing more for the Scene, as will our yeoman assistant editor and former CP food columnist, Dana Kopp Franklin.

We take the City Paper's rousing farewell cover story on the need for newspapers as a challenge. Over the weeks and months to come, don't be shy in letting us know whether you think we're meeting it.

In the meantime, you can find Cavendish on Twitter @scavendish or by email at scavendish [at] nashvillescene [dot] com. Watch for his byline also in the Nashville Post, where he will serve too as news editor.

Jim Ridley


In last week's story on Radio Free Nashville ("Louder and Clearer," Aug. 8), an editorial error misstated the host of the RFN blues show Mando Blues. Our apologies to host Whit Hubner, and we recommend you check out the show 10 p.m. Wednesdays at 107.1 FM (for the time being) or at

In last week's story on Vanderbilt's Institute for Software Integrated Systems ("Tankstarter," Aug. 8), as part of the "Innovations Issue" cover package, two team leaders were incorrectly listed. The actual team leader is Sandeep Neema. The Scene regrets the error.


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