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Love/Hate Mail, Dec. 20, 2012


Boner overload

Jesus. I can take all the Boners a year has to dole out, one Boner at a time ("2012 Boner Awards," Dec. 13). But this annual gangbang of Boners is ... well, it's a lot to take. I'm not gonna lie. What a year, huh?

Angelique Golden

Stacey Campfield Fan Club president responds ...

Regarding the "2012 Boner Awards" (Dec. 13): Before you rub your eyes too hard, you better wash your hands, because I heard 20 years ago, it was a homosexual flight attendant who did the primate in Africa. So before you crown old redhead on this one, open your ears and mind and find out how AIDS got to America. You might learn something. God forbid.

Ronnie Bishop

... but he still loves us!

I travel a lot, and read a lot too, and want you to know that I LOVE THE SCENE. I'm more conservative than the paper, I know. But just wanted you to know.

Ronnie Bishop

No, you just know your Boners

Regarding the "2012 Boner Awards" (Dec. 13): Y'all's quizzes are waaaaaay too easy.

Pete Wilson

The real Christmas spirit

Regarding "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (Dec. 13): Congratulations — and THANK YOU — to Phil Harris, Antonia Cove and the large crew of musicians who have volunteered their time and talent to create this amazing project, An East Nashville Christmas. CDs are available in numerous East Nashville shops as well as Grimey's and Ernest Tubb's. Please visit for CDs and merch, featuring East Nashville art by Lucie Rice, and visit to learn more about homelessness, health and our charity.

John Lozier
National Health Care for the Homeless Council

It ain't easy being white

Regarding the story about Nashville's International Black Film Festival ("2012: A Cyberspace Odyssey," Dec. 13): Is there a "white" international film festival? Why is it considered badmanners to exclude minorities but perfectly OK to exclude whites?

Bob Cole

Parsley, sage and Rosemary's time

Regarding "The 2012 Rock 'n' Roll Poll" (Dec. 6): I think next year you guys should call this article "Circle Jerk" — because for the last few years, you guys interview the same 20 or so people, and they all mention each other as their favorites. Why not try spreading out and listening to some of the bands that don't get mentioned in the papers as much because they aren't best friends with these same 20 people? I could easily name 20 or even 30 bands you guys missed that are awesome, hardworking and immensely talented. Maybe it's because they aren't your friends on Facebook or something. Branch out a little bit more. I feel like you print the same story every year when the year is closing. I, for one, am over it!

And in the future, I think it would help if you put who these people are. What do they do? Are they a fan, an engineer, a member of a band or what? What makes their ideas valid, so to speak?

So for example:

"Shovels and Rope, Jordan Hull and the Black Cadillacs are bands everyone should be paying attention to! -Rosemary Haskins, artist, producer, engineer at WaterWorks Entertainment Studios, Nashville"

Rosemary Haskins

Who's old?

The write-up about The Who's performance at Bridgestone (The Spin, Dec. 6) was not quite right: They looked as radiant and joyful as they could be at their age. When other 67- and 68-year-olds take the stage, it's not usually in such grand fashion, nor with as much energy. The Who held this 24-year-old listener captive the entire concert — and I was sitting in the back row of the upper deck! Also, where was the mention of The Moody Blues playing The Ryman back in March? More old-fart rock gods showing up the young bucks of my generation!

Keep up the otherwise great write-ups, and I'll keep reading!

Frank Serafine


In the Dec. 13 dining review, The Perch's owners were not correctly identified. The owners are John Kressaty and Heather Chandler.

In the Dec 13 Critics' Pick Section ("Seth Graves' Holiday 8 off 8th") the band name Lylas was misspelled.

And regarding "Just Another Funky Night" (Dec. 13): Internet reports to the contrary, the Mike Dillon who plays with Donnie Fritts is not the one who played with Les Claypool and Garage a Trois, though he's still a total badass on drums. As Dillon said at the Dec. 13 Douglas Corner gig, "I've met him, and he's 20 years younger and a lot better-looking."

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