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Love/Hate Mail, Nov. 1, 2012

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Favoring Curry

Loved the piece on Frank Curry ("Death of a Hat Trickster," Oct. 18). I knew him for many years and worked with him on staging the Ronald McDonald Circus. I plan to send a copy of the story to his sister in New York.

Thanks for the item. Frank would have been on the phone with J.R. Lind by now with any corrections he wanted to make.

Bill Hudson

Voter suppression stinks

Although I don't place any weight or value on politics, I found this article very interesting and sad ("Photo Finish," Oct. 18). I find it interesting that a state which will likely fall on the Republican side of the fence is putting so much effort into an attempt to suppress voters. I find it sad that (according to your article) a judge ignored the obvious for personal perspective.

It's stuff like this that has created a great disdain for our so-called political system. From my seat, it is a system of manipulation where the best liar, thief and cheat wins.

Dallas Allbritton

Comic response

Regarding "Fart Attack" (Oct. 18): Comedy competitions in any format are all kinda bullshit just due to the subjective nature of humor and art in general, but I agree that any time a comic can do straight stand-up on prime-time network TV, that's a good thing. America's Got Talent has had a few comics in the mix more recently, too.

Don't be so quick to write off traditional comedy clubs. We've got a great one here in Nashville. The first time Kyle Kinane came to town was when he featured for Patton Oswalt at Zanies on Aug. 8, 2010.

Chad Riden

And best to you, too

It is fitting that your 2012 Best of Nashville issue (Oct. 11) is the Best of the Nashville Scene, ever. And so many pages it required perfect binding. Newsweek magazine might've fared better if it had been helmed by the leaders of the Scene. Congrats.

Andy Van Roon

Confidentially speaking

Nice article ("Nashville Confidential," Oct. 4). I watched the pilot and came away impressed. I was of course nervous when it was announced. I have a feeling this show is going to be a really big hit, and based on what I saw in the pilot, that isn't a bad thing for Nashville. Nashville is beautifully photographed in the pilot. The acting is strong across the board.

It is over the top, but this isn't a documentary about your life in Nashville — it is a prime-time soap/drama, so you've got to make it interesting. As for the Hee Haw theory, I think some people are so averse to country music they have emotional reactions to anything that depicts Nashville in that light. Calm down. Embrace it as an entryway to our thriving and diverse music scene. I think the show will come to show our side beyond country.As Powers Boothe said, this is a thriving, prosperous city, an industrial and cultural juggernaut. This is going to be a good thing for us.

Justin Wilson

Powers power

Regarding "Nashville Confidential" (Oct. 4): I moved to Nashville from southeast Missouri over a decade ago, but it wasn't for the music or academic facilities like Vanderbilt. I just wanted to live in a city, and a prior weekend visit to Nashville, as well as a good job offer, sold me on the place. I enjoyed my three years as a resident and still return periodically to visit a special lady friend.Nashville has everything to be proud of and little to be ashamed of or defensive about. And, oh yeah, I just might watch the TV show, 'cause any program savvy enough to have Powers Boothe strutting about with that lopsided/menacing grin of his for 40 minutes a week has to worth more than a remote-flipping moment.

Ellsworth Ware III
St. Louis

Mud flap

Something to ponder about your story "There Will Be Mud" (Oct. 4): Isn't this the same garbage that has always been going on? What has changed is that we are a world where no advertisement or press release will go unnoticed. Thanks to social media, nothing goes unchecked and unscrutinized. It is too bad that the people who are putting out these complete misconceptions in press releases don't realize that someone will call them out on it. It is one thing to spin — this is on an entirely different level. It is a 19th century mindset in a 21st century world.

Jacob Maurer<
East Nashville

Lip reader

Regarding "There Will Be Mud" (Oct. 4): I am reminded of the cynical old joke, "How do you tell when a politician is telling a lie? His mouth moves."

John Eldredge

Not a Helter fan

Do you actually pay Walter Jowers to write his Helter Shelter column? Or maybe he's just become some tired old fixture that you hate to part with, kind of like an old recliner? Just asking.

Robert Hawks



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