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Love/Hate Mail, April 26, 2012


A reel Champion

I enjoyed your Phantom of the Paradise preview ("Reel Nashville," April 19). Long story short: It brought back memories. I was in L.A. in 1974 just before the movie was released. I saw it as the guest of Charles Champlin, who reviewed movies for a good number of years for the Los Angeles Times. I was out there interviewing him for a project I was working on. (Also saw Harry and Tonto with Art Carney at the old Academy screening theater — very heady stuff — with Champlin.)

Anyway, I found my LP of the soundtrack. Haven't listened to it again, but I will. For a while I was a real fan of Paul Williams' music.

Bennett Tarleton
Audience Development

A bone to pick

If you and Mr. Meador enjoy eating pink slime and don't find it digusting, then I encourage you to chow down ("Prime Time for Pink Slime," April 12).  I would like products that contain the stuff (in any quantity) to be labeled.  That way, I don't have to eat it.  And I certainly don't think we need to be feeding it to our children in our public schools.  You may claim that it's safe, but, if it must be injected with ammonia to make it edible, it's not something I want.

Sam Frazee

Letter of credit

A few words of mine regarding "The Long Awaited" (April 12): This is not — repeat, not — solely Patricia Piccinini's work. This is also the work of sculptors, silicone painters, etc., whom Piccinini deigns to mention but not to name or credit. She works with "people who are really good at sculpting and fantastic at painting silicone so it looks like real skin."

These artists are so good that Piccinini cannot bring her works to life without their artistic expression — as she admits: "It would be too much about my mark, my process, my engaging with pigs and skin. I need the process to be almost invisible." Then credit them. Have a modicum of artistic integrity. Do not accept praise as a solo artist for work that is not entirely your own.

Heather Alexander

Hate by any other name

Regarding the March 29 cover story: I was at the conference, and I would like to thank Mr. Meador for his biased, snarky, inaccurate and ("The New Face of Hate"?) hate-fueled account of our meeting. Thing is, when you have a winning message like AmRen's, which is based on truth (white people are under attack, and are discriminated against by the government); hard science (the races are different, whites are significantly more intelligent than blacks, and blacks are significantly more violent than whites); and factual history (America was founded by whites, for whites), it really doesn't matter what nasty things a munchkin from the metrosexual press has to say about you. All coverage is good. Truth will out. Our numbers are growing, and one day Mr. Meador (and many more of his ilk) will be trying to slide right in and pretend they were part of the movement all along.

So come back anytime, Mr. Meador. Next time you can sit at my table.

Gerald Martin

Redemption song

I read  your article on the changing guard of white separatism ("The New Face of Hate," March 29). It was a great article. I am a former racist who was badly misguided years ago. I lived in Nashville at the time. I am no longer that person. I was unhappy with myself and pointed my negativity out at others. I am happy with who I am today. I was a candidate for governor in Tennessee as an open racist at one time. I am enjoying my racist free-life today. Thank you for your fine article.

Scott Shepherd

Another face of hate

Regarding the American Renaissance Conference ("The New Face of Hate," March 29), David Duke is a model of tolerance compared to the United States Congress, which aids the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians by the Zionist racists. Of course, the article's author is too much of a hypocrite to mention that.

Pete Tracy

Where's the a-Dore-ation?

I read your article about Vandy's fans not supporting their team ("A Vandy Fan's Notes," March 22). As a lifelong Vandy fan ( since I was 5 my parents took me to games), I too am appalled that Vanderbilt has failed to build support amongst the local fan base, much less their alumni and students.

I was at the recent SEC women's basketball tournament held in Nashville March 1-4. At the Friday afternoon game against UT, there were less than 300 Vandy fans in attendance — versus thousands of UT fans (maybe 5,000-plus).

I do not have an answer, but I think Vanderbilt and especially alumni and the student body need to look themselves in the face and say, "This is my university, and we need to do all we can to put our best foot forward and support our teams any way we can."

I am a University of Tennessee alumnus, but I support Vandy 360 days a year — in other words, when they're not playing UT in football and men's and women's basketball. 

Go 'Dores!!!

Tom Loventhal

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