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Dread not so dreadful

I'm really bummed Ke$ha didn't get "Best Thing You Wish Would Go Away." I would much rather be stuck in traffic with Adam Dread on the racetrack then feel any sort of pride over her being from my city.

Sara Bates

Gyro scope

Regarding the Best of Nashville 2011 Writers' Choice piece titled "Best Gyro: King Solomon's" — wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Sorry, I love King Solomon's, but the best gyros are BY FAR Istanbul Cafe!

Not to mention their doner sandwich — possibly the most delicious thing in Nashville.

Jarrod W.

Gabby Gabby hey!

Regarding the Best of Nashville 2011 Readers' Choice winners: I don't understand how Gabby's isn't even on the list for best cheeseburger. I know I only voted 20 times, but there is absolutely no better burger in town.

Brady Purnell
East Nashville

On 'cue

How does Whitt's get in the running every single year for best barbecue?!

I can agree with Jim 'N Nick's and Martin's, but the best barbecue in inner Nashville is without a doubt B&C (Bacon & Caviar), both the Melrose and Farmers' Market locations. Smoked chicken, brisket, pulled pork and ribs are all stellar. Sausage, not so much, but four out of five ain't bad.

Stu Walker

Slamming Islam

Regarding "Clearing the air on Sharia law" (Love/Hate Mail, Oct. 6): Mr. Yahya Merchant says that Islam is tolerant toward Christians and Jews. My question to him is, why then have Christians and Jews been persecuted in Islamic countries to the point that Egypt, which was a Christian country, now has only 10 percent Christians. And why have Coptic churches been firebombed and burned?

Why have the Christian populations, which used to be a majority in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries, dropped to a small fraction of their former numbers? Why have Copts and Eastern Orthodox fled to Western countries?

Sharia law, which is based on the Islamic trilogy of the Quran, Sira and Hadith (the sayings and deeds of Mohammed), and its ancillary, the Pact of Umar, are the reason.

Mr. Merchant engages in the deceit of taqiyya when he says Sharia law protects kafirs (non-Muslims) from being subject to its laws. In fact, in Sharia law, a kafir is certainly protected from being a full citizen in the ummah or nation of Islam. In Sharia law, a kafir is not permitted to hold governmental office, is subject to discrimination in courts of law, cannot criticize Mohammed or proselytize Muslims and is subject to the jizya "protection" tax.

The non-Muslim is called a dhimmi, and has a place in Sharia law as a second-class citizen. Not to mention the kafir is fair game for violent jihad. This is political Islam, for Islam is an ideology that has a culture, a religion and a political system. Many Islamic countries do not implement full Sharia law, but the ones closest to full implementation are Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, where there are stonings for adultery, honor killings, discrimination toward women in the court of law, and where it is legal for a husband to beat his wife and have up to four wives.

And did I mention that in Sharia courts, kafirs aren't allowed to testify against Muslims? Yes, as Mr. Merchant writes, the Christians and Jews who are left in Islamic countries can have their own courts only for domestic disputes.

And last but not least, Mr. Merchant fails to mention that Sharia law (considered perfect as it comes from Allah and is not man-made) is unconstitutional, since it is religious as well as political. Islam is a theocracy. And if you think those right-winger Evangelical Christians are trying to rule over you and take your freedoms away, take a closer look at the history of Islam and their success of conquering and colonizing other civilizations.

Joan Copeland


Last week's Best of Nashville 2011 issue included the following errors:

• The name of the late artist Murat Kaboulov was misspelled. An exhibit of Kaboulov's work at LeQuire Gallery was recognized as the Best Retrospective Exhibit.

• Attorney James L. Widrig tied for 3rd place in the Readers' Choice category of Best Attorney. His name was not listed in the paper but has been added online.

• A page of the Critics' Picks section was printed twice and another page was omitted. Critics picks about Brigitte DeMeyer's record release at Manuel's, the Chris Pickering/Andrew Combs/Alabama Shakes show at The 5 Spot, the Glossary record release at The 5 Spot, the Bobby Bare Jr./Tristen/Ponychase show at Mercy Lounge, and To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum at The Frist Center were either partly or completely omitted.

The Scene regrets the errors.

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