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Gold hits the Spot(ify)
enjoyed Adam Gold's story "Pay to Play" (Aug. 25) a lot. If somehow artists/labels/publishers can band together and try to get Spotify and other cloud services to increase the rate paid to artist (currently $.00029 per stream), then I think the industry can be saved.

Local engineer Mike Odmark has some interesting things to say about the Spotify debate on his blog at

I definitely think there is a way to restructure the way the creators get paid per play. One possible way to do this might be something like this: First play from IP address (24-hour periods): pay standard college radio rate (6 cents); subsequent plays from that IP could receive the $.00029 rate. The clock could reset every 24 hours, or possibly even more frequently.

This would end up making a huge difference. If these cloud services continue to grow, I think something like this would be a reasonable option.

Again, enjoyed the article. It was a good read.

Parker Cason

CD fetishists unite!
Regarding "Pay to Play" (Aug. 25): I must be one of a dozen or so humans who enjoys CDs (and especially their tray liners and booklets) the same way both old folks and youngsters enjoy LPs. They've got a physical presence, they can be attractive, and any decent one has interesting text information. (And, thank God, they're not cassettes.)

I confess that even if I download a recording, I still feel like I own it only on a contingent, tentative basis. Commodity fetishism is hard to lose, and I'm not sure I want to.

Pete Wilson<

The Juana Villegas case has been garnering a great deal of local media attention, and I think it is worthy of the prominence it has achieved, although not for the reasons that the Nashville Scene seems to think. Villegas is the woman who was shackled while giving birth to an anchor baby (her fourth) while in custody for driving without a license, in addition to being in this country illegally.

According to the Nashville Scene article "Chain of Fools" (Aug. 25), U.S. District Court Judge William Joseph Haynes prohibited any mention of her status as an illegal immigrant in order to ensure that the jury would render an impartial verdict. A few paragraphs later Haynes is quoted as describing Villegas as "a woman who can barely understand English and who has a sixth-grade education."

Although I find the actions of the Davidson County Sheriff's Office reprehensible and actually agree that this woman's human rights were violated, I was rather shocked by a revelation in a subsequent paragraph. In the next-to-last paragraph, it was stated that "she can continue her job as a McDonald's manager." In summary, McDonald's hires people who can "barely understand English" and "have a sixth-grade education" and are "illegal immigrants" (Judge Haynes' words, not mine).

No wonder the Filet-O-Fish has the fish on one side of the bun and the half-slice of cheese on the other. Hopefully the health code is printed at a level comprehensible to Mexican sixth-grade students! I have eaten my last Quarter Pounder.

Mark Allen

Diamond is dope
Dope article ("Diamond in the Rough," Aug. 25)! You can still find good hip-hop like that today. Like here in Atlanta on college radio stations WRAS-88.5 (Georgia State University), WREK-91.1 (Georgia Tech) and WRFG-89.3 (online at most mornings from 3 to 6 a.m.). Check 'em out. ...

Allen 0x201CAlkaline0x201D Campbell

Rhino charges
Regarding the "Where do I buy books?" section of the guide for incoming college students, "Cheat Sheet" (Aug. 25): Rhino Books has two locations close to Vandy and Lipscomb and sells books and more books and nothing else. We are now celebrating our 10th year. McKay's doesn't even have a place to sit and look at a book before you purchase it.

Bless your heart.

Fred Koller
Owner, Rhino Books

Thank you for writing about the Return to Forever/Zappa Plays Zappa show at the Schermerhorn ("Rate of Return," Aug. 18).  However, Mr. Silverman, I disagree with your assessment that Return to Forever is somehow related to, or responsible for, smooth jazz, new age, fuzak, etc. Correlation does not imply causation. You could just as easily argue that Beethoven led to Limp Bizkit.

As Frank Zappa wrote in The Real Frank Zappa Book, "the Ultimate Rule ought to be: 'If it sounds GOOD to YOU, it's bitchen; if it sounds BAD to YOU, it's shitty." Some people like that shit. Let 'em. You know enough to avoid it!

R.S. Amsbary

Return mail
Regarding "Rate of Return" (Aug. 18): I was never a fan of Return To Forever — too many notes and too little humility, in contrast with Miles alumni like John Scofield. However, I enjoyed your article on them immensely, particularly your comment, "and I'm guessing they think even less of me."

Phil Madeira

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