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Embrace Jefferson, not Marx

Concerning the Islamic comedians coming to Middle Tennessee with hopes of breaking the ice over the mosque debate in Murfreesboro, I have to say that I feel that the camp opposing the building of the mosque will only meet their attempts at humor with feelings of being mocked ( "Sharia Guffaw," Aug. 11).

In order to cast out the fear of Islam in the American hearts, they need to remind America that we are not a nation given over to Marxism, which would throw out the separation of church and state that keeps the state out of the church and the church's teachings. We are not so liberal that we want Marxist censorship of those that we oppose, as if we take away their legal rights today they will take away our legal rights tomorrow.

Americans need to keep freedom straight across the board, and we can do this by seeing the example of Karl Marx-style censorship of the Europeans as the pitfall that it is. Our founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson supported the right of the individual, as opposed to Karl Marx's collective good. Marxist collectivism wants censorship to keep from offending someone, and we Americans want our constitutional civil rights to speak and believe openly and freely what we will without fear of censorship. Americans want to keep the legal rights to debate all issues, political or religious, left in our Constitution.

[Just] as liberals cannot censor religious groups that they disagree with, the Islamic community cannot be censored, and Christians cannot be censored by taking away their legal rights to debate other religions they feel come into conflict with the Bible's viewpoints and writings from other religions.

Carrie Scoggins
Cleveland, Tenn.

Rosy Cheek(wood)

Great article ("State of the Art," Aug. 4)! Thanks for filling me in on the history and projected future of this beautiful institution (which I admittedly have only visited for Chihuly and other special events).

Yancey Gregory

Poor judgment

I read your article describing the unjust behavior of Judge Carol Soloman ("The Wisdom of Soloman," July 28). I have had firsthand experience, when my case in the 4th Circuit Court (which had progressed nicely) was moved to 8th Circuit Court, as my ex-wife's lawyer was partners with Judge Phil Smith, who replaced Judge Muriel Robinson Rice. After four years of joint custody, Judge Soloman gave my ex-wife full custody and permission to move over 200 miles away. I am given one weekend a month with the children, if my ex-wife feels so inclined, and six weeks in the summer. This is called parenting time by Judge Soloman, but it is not enough interaction with my teenage daughters, who need a father figure.

Judge Soloman would not let my lawyer produce testimony or evidence. I was therefore unable to appeal. Additionally, Judge Soloman lowered my wife's income from $92,000 to $64,000, and said I was underemployed, increasing my income from $28,000 to $40,000 to provide extra money for my ex-wife. I am convinced Judge Soloman did not listen to my testimony, as she was having a discussion with another court officer while I was being questioned. She had already decided the case before the trial.

Jeff Brousal

England swings

I hated to see Brantley Hargrove leave for another job. Undoubtedly for more money. He always dug deep for a good story. Don't let another award-winning employee bolt from the Nashville Scene for greener grass. Eric England is by far the most talented and creative photographer for any local publication. Bar none. It's only a matter of time until a major newspaper or magazine will try to lure him away. He is a franchise player. Pay him the big bucks. Give him a bigger office and a parking space by the door.

Don McEwen
Metro Transit Authority

Steady as she goes

This is to all those yupsters in the Raconteurs ticket lottery at the Ryman on Aug. 5. Y'know, the 35-year-old guys who still dress like they are in a prep school frat and the super-trendy guys with their slimfit plaid shirt and jeans so straight-legged their junk looks permanently vacuum-packed?

If I ever see you go all barbarian again over whether or not you are gonna get tickets and chap the ass of Ryman staff over $4 or yell at little old lady tourists and a German gentleman and his family again, I WILL meet you outside the glass doors and beat your lily-white ass into the ground with your very own tickets. The Ryman is the foundation of country music, the HOME of the Grand Ole Opry, and that means more to people around the world than Jack White could ever mean to your sorry ass. Put that in your Target-bought trilby and smoke it.

Stephanie Dennis


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