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Strip means drip

I have noticed in all of the news of Nashville flooding, not a single news outlet has pointed out that entire sections of the watershed for the Cumberland River are being clearcut and strip-mined for coal. Flash flooding is common where there is strip mining. At the very least it contributed to it. At the headwaters in both Kentucky and Tennessee, strip mining is ripping apart the watershed which feeds into the Cumberland.

We have tons of pictures and video of the blown-up watersheds at

Chris Irwin

Food, fiddles fight flooding

Nashville was hit by a massive flood which has caused devastation to thousands of people in the Middle Tennessee area. This has caused great loss and displacement of families. Many friends and families have taken in people to help them have a place to sleep at night. As our economic times are also against a challenge, we felt these kind souls who have taken in those who have lost everything could use help. We are taking up a nonperishable food collection. This will be delivered to those who have suffered from loss due to the flood. It will also be delivered to those who have taken in flood victims and now have extra mouths to feed. We hope this small effort will assist in taking off the strain of those who are assisting those who need the help.

Come join us 6 p.m. May 14 for our Spring Student Performance at Park Avenue Baptist Church, located at 4300 Park Ave. in West Nashville. Our talented students and staff will entertain you with their musical pieces. There is no admission fee for the concert, but please bring a nonperishable food item.

Additionally, Nashville Violins has been a collection site for people to drop instruments off for public school donations. If you have any instruments that you no longer use, please consider donating them to the schools. You can bring them in to Nashville Violins, where we will evaluate them for donation value and then repair them before donating to schools that are in need.

Thank you in advance, and thank you for giving some hope to those who need help.

Dave Wascher

A modest proposal

There is so much tragedy in our city right now. As my boyfriend's basement began to flood Sunday morning he decided he should go ahead and propose and put the ring safely on my finger! It's not a great story ... but it does provide a silver lining in the midst of the sadness. I wrote out the story on my blog,

Emily Lamkin

More matter with less art

I feel as though doctoring the cover photo of the flood issue was in poor taste ("The Flood," May 6). The original photos of this disaster speak for themselves and need no artistic rendering.

Meg Deck

That's OK, we didn't read your letter

I have nothing bad to say about Jerome Boettcher's article because I didn't read it ("Black, White and Green," May 6). It just seemed out of place among the columns of Lindsay Ferrier and Liz Garrigan and the important words and pictures about the flood.

Charles Cope

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