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Here it comes ...

I love your magazine, but I think that it is sad that today's issue is wrapped in plastic (April 22). Each and every magazine is wrapped in plastic. Today is EARTH DAY!!! What is up with that? I think you all should do a front-page story on how your magazine, the Nashville Scene, negatively impacted the environment on Earth Day by wrapping every single magazine in plastic wrap.

Happy Earth Day ... oops, I mean, "Bah! Humbug!"


Heads bowed in green shame

How ironic that the Scene decided to wrap its paper in plastic on Earth Day, of all days (April 22). I am appalled!  Shame on you!

Jessica Piper

Now you're just being mean

Earth Day special: every issue of the Scene comes packaged in a plastic bag (April 22)! GOOD JOB! Way to have your finger on the pulse.

Matt McKeever

But we deliver in coal-burning Hummers

How apropos to have the issue that came out on Earth Day wrapped in plastic (April 22). I know you need advertisers, but can't you insert? Come on, you can do better.

Melinda Clark

Earth shmearth

What were you thinking to wrap the Earth Day issue in plastic (April 22)? Not very earth friendly.

Manuel Zeitlin

They always do

As champions of all things progressive in our city, I find it somewhat comical that your latest issue is individually wrapped in plastic bags (April 22). Our local landfills will welcome your waste.

Rob Kennedy

Free Gaile Owens

Gaile Owens should be set free immediately, because she has done her time (25 years), and because she suffered from the battered wife syndrome ("No Angel, No Devil — Part I," April 22). The battered wife syndrome is a legal self-defense argument. Her husband provoked her into killing him, so she had to protect herself from further beatings, and to stop herself from going insane, because most women are smaller then men. The state prosecutors did not come to court with clean hands because they promised Gaile a life sentence, and she received a death sentence. Bredesen, to keep the government's word, its honesty and its integrity, should enforce the original contract that was agreed upon before the trial — a life sentence.

Earl Richards

Owens deserves punishment

I waded thru the Scene's cover story as one would come across a train wreck ("No Angel, No Devil — Part I," April 22). Had to look.

This Gaile Owens saga will get a lot of press locally, no doubt nationwide too. 

Like a countdown to a space launch, everyone will know the day and time set for her execution.

Camera-shy and awkward Nashville will once again come into focus, for all the wrong reasons as usual.

All humans have to get with the program called "Life for Dummies," at the fourth grade.

You cannot kill another human being FOR ANY REASON.

If you do, the reason better be so good, God Himself gives you a pass, a note from the teacher, and society agrees to take you back.

And this lady's life story and "bad marriage" does not rise to that level.

Twenty-five years in prison so far, if her death sentence is commuted, another 25 years to go before she dies of old age behind bars.

Either way this is played out, it's no life.

She gave up that right the day she decided to have her husband killed. Period.

Paul D'Argent

Fact-checking after the fact

I was one of Ms. Kelley's "on-the-record" sources — see page 501 ("Competing Narratives," April 22). When I brought up Bill Perkins, "a man whose name you might encounter in your research," Ms. Kelley responded, "Oh, yes, he worked at Channel 5." I don't remember Perkins as a Channel 5 news reporter, but I very clearly remember him as a Channel 2 reporter. (Or maybe it was Channel 8 back then. But whether it was Channel 2, Channel 8, WSIX or WNGE, rest assured it was the ABC affiliate.) I "corrected" Ms. Kelley with the qualifier that, while Bill may have worked at WLAC, I wasn't aware of it. The only mention of Perkins in Oprah is on page 67 where Bill is identified as having been a WLAC-TV hire. I haven't read the whole book yet, but on page 69 I've found an error/typo/gender bender I haven't seen referenced yet: Jo Coulter is identified as Joe Coulter. Perhaps this will be corrected for the paperback edition?

Stacy Harris
Publisher/Executive Editor
Stacy's Music Row Report

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