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Like McCain and Palin, Only Harrier

Red State Update at the Belcourt


This week in Nashville, the men who mold the wet clay of our country's future will meet the public face to face--unless there's a rerun of Ice Road Truckers, in which case we're hosed. Who else could they be but Jackie Broyles and Dunlap, last seen hijacking the Dems' presidential debate on a CNN Jumbotron during the primaries? Representing no other platform but the "Dumb-Ass Party" of their hilarious CD How Freedom Sounds (Dualtone), the duo responsible for the Midstate's amber-alert beer crisis venture out from their lair beneath mythical Jackie's Market in Murfreesboro for a night of reasoned debate, seasoned analysis, and maybe some hooters. This marks the first local appearance in years for their alter egos, Travis Harmon and Jonathan Shockley, who left Nashville to share the mirthless laughter of the damned in Los Angeles (and gather more than 10 million views on YouTube). The only difference between this town hall meeting and Belmont's is that this one features puppets. Oh, wait.
Mon., Oct. 6, 9:30 p.m., 2008

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