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KISS at The Sommet Center

Get up and Get Your Grandma Outta Here!


Do you really need a critic to tell you why you should go see KISS rock the Sommet Center? From hair-singeing pyro, a band name in blinding lights, gargantuan costumes and more makeup than Queen Elizabeth I, to the obligatory mention of the concert city’s name in and in between each song, KISS practically wrote the book on arena rock clichés, and they’re damn proud of it. The most market-savvy band in rock history, KISS applied the “New Coke approach” to their career when they shed their iconic makeup in 1983 and forced world to see their ugly mugs for 13 years before bringing back the greasepaint—and original lineup—in 1996. It was a genius move in that it allowed the band to re-enter the spotlight without showing a wrinkle. They have a new album out called Sonic Boom. It’s their first in 11 years, and it’s probably terrible, but so is the idea of being buried in a KISS coffin, and those have been a success. Luckily, the band is smart enough to know that their fans “want the best,” and that’s what they’ll get—KISS has promised to play all the hits.
Wed., Oct. 28, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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