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Keepin’ Kiz-osher


Almost as a rule, reggae music has had a tough go of it when taken as a self-contained genre, often only handled in doses by acts such as The Police or The Clash while kept at arm’s length. With Matisyahu, however, roots reggae has seen a left-field revival in the form of front man Matthew Miller, a Hasidic Jew donned in full-blown traditional garb and spouting faith-inspired rhymes to an ever-expanding fan base. To be sure, Matisyahu dips his exaltations into beatbox hip-hop and English Beat rock stylings, but he remains as devout to reggae’s heritage as to his own counterculture Judaism. This tour, in particular, should see Miller testing the waters for his upcoming album Light (set for release in early 2009), including a personally hosted listening party following his performance.
Sun., Dec. 7, 9 p.m., 2008

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