Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

When: Fri., April 29, 9 p.m. 2011

Thank ya very much ladies and gentleman! Now I've got to tell you about the fabulous, most groovy ... Blooooz Ex-PLO-sion!!! Not that pioneering garage punks really need any introduction — they did make some of the most exhilarating music of the ’90s — but who doesn't love to scream “Blooooz Ex-PLO-sion!!!” at the top of their lungs at random intervals? It's a lot better than screaming “Take a whiff o' my pant leg, baby!” in a public place. (Trust us — things get real awkward, real quick.) In the 20 years since the trio exploded onto the scene with Crypt Style — still one of our favorite records after wearing out multiple copies on multiple formats — a lot of cats have tried to cop their sound, but JSBX remain the undisputed kings of unhinged American rock ’n’ roll. This is their first time playing Nashville in seven years, so let’s make them feel at home. And nuttier still is that this is Bloooooz Ex-PLO-sion!'s first show in Nashville in, like, seven years — so expect a room full of batshit people who've been dyin' to take a proverbial whiff o' the pant leg.

Sean L. Maloney

Price: $19.50-$24

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