Jim Norton

When: Jan. 10-12 2013

Here’s comedian Jim Norton on Jim Norton: “Some nights I kill; other nights the crowd wants to gut me with a fishing knife. I am relatively amusing in a child molesting/stomach cancer kind of way.” That hasn’t kept the pale, diminutive natterer’s semi-autobiographical Happy Endings: Tales of a Meaty-Breasted Zilch off the New York Times best-seller list, or stopped him from bleeding laughs out of sacred cows like marriage and religion. It also hasn’t kept him out of jail for piloting a glass-walled bus full of nude women through the streets of Manhattan on the same route as Bill Clinton’s motorcade. The latter was a stunt for satellite radio’s notorious Opie & Anthony Show, where Norton’s a regular whose profane sparring with guests like Jesse Ventura and self-proclaimed anti-feminist attorney Roy Hollander is acid-etched in broadcast history. But he’s best onstage, where his poison tongue darts freely between topics that cross his twisted mind. He stops in Nashville this week, touring behind his new record No Baby for You!

Ted Drozdowski



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