Jerry Seinfeld

When: Fri., June 29, 7 p.m. 2012

With the exception of Woody Allen, no single figure has done more for letting America in on the worldview of the modern Jew than Jerry Seinfeld. What’s up with that? Simply by starring as a loose depiction of himself, in a show ostensibly about nothing, Seinfeld — with help from now equally iconic Hebrew humorist Larry David — proved that exaggerating the petty plights of the nebbishy neurotic makes for comedy gold — critically and commercially. Seriously, who would’ve ever thought that a show brimming with jokes predicated on inside-baseball Semitic references would resonate with the masses in Middle America? After selling the sitcom of his namesake into syndication for tens of millions, Jerry Seinfeld had no professional need to return to touring as a standup, but — to the satisfaction of Social-Security-eligible mothers nationwide — he did anyway. After retiring the act that made him an unlikely comedy icon — documented in the humbling 2002 documentary, Comedian — Seinfeld has spent the better part of the past decade refining a whole new routine of family-friendly observational musings and semantic nitpickery — proving unequivocally that he is indeed the master of his domain.

Adam Gold

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