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What it means to be home in Nashville this season — whether you have a home or not

Holiday Happenings


As the holiday season approaches, we at the Scene take a moment or two to reflect on the idea of "home" — what it means, where it matters and how it evolves over time. We start at the beginning, with the origins of celebrating Thanksgiving in Nashville. (It almost didn't happen!) We talk holidays, Christianity and Rachael Ray with a Kurdish-American Muslim family in South Nashville. We don't call it a comeback when we delve into a beefy Nashville holiday original that's found its way onto local platters by way of a new preparation. We visit with a man who finally has a place of his own to hang his hat after years on the street. And finally, we direct your attention to some of the many events vying for your attention. Welcome.

Fraught Blessings

Nashville's first Thanksgiving and why it took so long to get around to it

Dish Network

From football to lasagna, how one Kurdish-American family celebrates the American holidays

Round and Round

Nashville's original Christmas meat, the spiced round, makes a hometown comeback

Homeward Bound

George Finney found a life, and a home, after addiction cast him onto the streets

Seasons to Believe

Thanksgiving without washing dishes, and what to do around the holidays

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