Grass Widow w/Heavy Cream

When: Wed., June 6, 9 p.m. 2012

It might be a little gauche, if not downright untoward, to even use a phrase like “classic indie rock,” but San Francisco trio Grass Widow embodies the best qualities of that lack-of-a-better-term interzone between pop and post-punk. And they do it without any nostalgia-grab aesthetic cribbing. Their newest record, Internal Logic, is out on the band’s own HLR Records label — H as in Heather, L as in Lillian, R as in Raven, after the band members, all of whom sing in meticulously braided harmonies. Album opener “Goldilocks Zone” conjures everything from Joy Division to Pylon to Stereolab, with sugary vocals reminiscent of some long-lost Sarah Records band — all in barely three minutes, and all executed in an unpredictable style all their own. One minute they’re riding a Beach Boys-esque a cappella outro wave, the next they’re squiggling over a perfect pop chorus with artfully erratic guitar. For indie rock fans, there might not be a better antidote to the current crop of bearded lint-picker bands than the Widow.

Steve Haruch

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