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From the Inside Out at Art and Soul

The Aesthetic Spirit


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As science continues to push religion under the scrutinizing light of reason, the arts become ever more relevant as our connection to the soul. In Art and Soul’s new exhibit, From the Inside Out, the works of Toni Swarthout and Pam Jolly Halie express the artists’ experiences of a personal aesthetic spirit, which claims no dominion over the rational world but rather flows from the inner logic of emotion. The color field works of Toni Swarthout seem like macroscopic depictions of mysterious feelings rising from the dark matter of the unconscious, while Haile’s art captures the anthropomorphic aspects of the emotions themselves, illustrating the many beings that live and die within her from moment to moment. The artists’ reception will benefit the Cancer Awareness Program (CAP).
Starts: Dec. 5. Daily, 2009


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