Friends and Friends feat. Swagnum P.I.

When: Thu., Feb. 23, 9 p.m. 2012

Let’s be clear — parody rap is one of the most worthless genres of art mankind has ever known. Conversely, punch-line rap might be one of the best. While parody rap is generally a ham-fisted and half-baked retread of stale ideas and shitty mic skills, punch-line rap takes an expert combination of cleverness, comedic talent and actual mic skills. Hence our wholehearted approval of Swagnum P.I., the alter ego of local alt-comedian Gary Fletcher — he’s got punch lines for days and raps circles around most of the “serious” rappers that bombard our inbox every day. (Note to serious rappers: Lighten the fuck up.) Basically, sucker MCs and sucker, um, comedians need to step up their game or they’re gonna get Swagnum’s P all up in their I. And that’s gonna hurt more than any parody rap ever could.

Sean L. Maloney


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