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Fried Beauty

Small Wonders: Food and Drink Issue 2013

  • Eric England

Truffle fries, blvd

Arnold Myint's new bistro has regular fries, and also Le French Fries, a special menu of perfectly cooked fries (crisp around the edges but never burnt) flavored with various herbs and spices. The truffle version is a star, matching a subtle infusion of earthy truffle with a sprinkle of sprightly fresh chives. —DKF

  • Eric England

Samosa chat, Woodlands

As appetizers go, Woodlands' samosa chat is a hefty one. But if there was ever a dish worth the risk of ruining your appetite, this is it. The classic triangular potato-and-spice-stuffed pastry gets chopped, scattered and smothered in onion, sweet-sour sauce, crisp fried noodles and fresh cilantro. Messy perfection. —SH

  • Eric England

Egg rolls, King Market

Plenty of egg rolls are mediocre and forgettable. These are neither. Even if we knew the secret to the singular flavor-meld contained within these petite, savory-crisp beauties, we probably wouldn't tell you. But we will tell you this: These are some of the best you're likely to find around these or any other parts. —SH

  • Eric England

Fried pickle wedges, Hot Diggity Dogs

Ironically enough, some of Nashville's finest brined-and-fried cucumbers come courtesy of a hot dog shop that peddles Chicago-style fare. Hot Diggity Dog's fried pickles come spear-style — not chips, as you'll find at most places — and thus aren't for the casual picklehead. —DPR

Honorable Mentions:

Potato chips, Margot;
sweet potato fries, Gabby's;
shrimp corndogs, Patterson House

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