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Fortunate Tropical Fruit


Lucky Pineapple spent a day recording songs in Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio in Chicago—a friend won the studio time in a poker game and donated it to the band. While this story imparts a certain raffish charm to the Pineapple’s biography, the Louisville seven-piece has a lot going for them, even without Albini. Their latest album The Bubble Has Burst in Sky City features long but carefully crafted compositions with titles like “Roadside Sex Change”; their songs show influence from post-punk and free jazz to tribal rythms (as well as band favorites like Captain Beefheart and Einsterzende Neubauten). They take a similarly eclectic approach to live performances—past shows have included light shows, go-go dancers and video projections. Check out some Pineapple jams at their Grimey’s in-store, a warm-up for their show at Springwater on the same night.
Fri., Jan. 9, 6 p.m., 2009

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