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Summer Guide 2011: Hidden Gems


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The tripa tacos at El Amigo on the corner of Elysian Fields and Nolensville Road — you wanna talk hidden gems, this one starts all the way inside the cow! But seriously: tripe, straight off the grill, nice and crispy with some lime, cilantro and grilled onions — that's where it's at. Mmm, offal. Stop looking at us like that. They also have a masterful approach to pork in its myriad Mexican forms.

OK, so maybe you want culinary adventure without all the internal organs. In that case, we say set your Twitter for "fun" and track down Music City's latest entrant into the food truck scene, Little Filipino. Serving Filipino-style egg rolls and noodles (score!) at various events and locations around Nashville, Li'l Fil' is a welcome addition to the city's growing mobile-grub options. (Speaking of which, there will probably be four new trucks by the time you read this.)

If we end up still out after all the food trucks have gone to the garage for the night — which happens pretty frequently — our spot for a li'l hangover prevention is Dolce Vita, at 2613 Franklin Pike. (It's tucked way back in the corner up the hill, behind Walgreens — like we said, hidden.) Open until 5 in the freakin' morning Monday through Saturday and serving some of the best, booze-sopping pizza around, DV is on top of our frequently drunk-dialed list.


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