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From belly ham to moonshine, seitan to ganache, a sampling of Nashville’s finest

Food and Drink 2012


Born in the CSA

Food that's been shipped from thousands of miles away? Waxy, flavorless fruits? Fake little thunderstorms? Try a CSA instead. Buy your personal share of a local farm's harvest, and get boxed goodness — fresh, locally grown and delicious.

Interested in a CSA?

Avalon Acres
Delivering everything from heirloom tomatoes to fennel and watermelon, Avalon Acres out of Hohenwald offers both summer and winter CSA shares.

Delvin Farms
While Delvin Farms' produce is at area stores, there's nothing better than getting your own haul direct from the source. We know, because the Delvins were nice enough to donate a box of their certified organic produce (pictured above) for Chef Wilson to cook with.

Paradise Produce
A fixture at both the East Nashville and Franklin farmers' markets, Paradise Produce emphasizes chemical-free agriculture.

Peaceful Pastures
While some CSAs offer meat in addition to other produce, Peaceful Pastures focuses on proteins, offering grass-fed beef, pork, lamb, goat, chicken, duck and goose.

Iron Fork Chefs Put Delvin Farm's CSA Box to Work

Presented with a bounty of local produce from Delvin Farms, the chefs competing in this year's Scene-sponsored Iron Fork competition got to work on a fresh recipe.

Chef Laura Wilson
Representing the Nashville Farmers' Market, Chef Wilson did what she's known for — keeping things simple and straightforward, and coaxing the most flavor possible out of fresh ingredients. No wonder she was the 2011 champ.

Beets with compressed strawberries, Noble Springs chevre, basil, and balsamic syrup
  • Eric England
  • Beets with compressed strawberries, Noble Springs chevre, basil, and balsamic syrup

Beets with compressed strawberries, Noble Springs chevre, basil and balsamic syrup:
Cook the beets with a little water, honey and white wine vinegar. Puree half the strawberries, add halved strawberries and vacuum-seal with a little basil chiffonade. Serve with chevre.

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