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Flavor Flav's Pajama Party at Main St.

Cold Lampin' with Flavor


Twenty years ago—back when we had just started fighting the power and welcoming folks to the Terrordome for the first time—if you told us that the second in command for America's most politically charged rap outfit would one day come to town promoting a pajama party, we would have laughed right in your face. Public Enemy's Flavor Flav hosting a pajama party has to be a joke, like 911, right? We can't be expected to believe that we've got to git up uh git git down just because Flava is in his underwear in our town, right? Well, believe it folks. Strong Island's most famous second banana is taking his reality teevee-bolstered reputation to Club 527 for what's probably going to be a nonsensical party of epic proportions. This, after all, is the man that coined the phrase “Wipe ya butt, ya gotta hole in your couch.”
Sat., July 18, 9 p.m., 2009

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