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Fat Pig at Darkhorse

Supersize Me


Neil LaBute’s black comedy starring a big girl and the average guy who falls for her ample charms might not be for everybody. LaBute’s works tend to provoke and rankle, and he’s been accused of sexism. On the other hand, this is the country whose First Lady is out stumping to stamp out childhood obesity. We’re a “fast food nation,” and despite the idealistic Hollywood- and advertising-driven images of physical perfection that make most of us feel inadequate, we still keep gaining weight in record numbers. Have we managed to skew the concept of classic beauty altogether? Leave that answer for another day, perhaps. In the meantime, this GroundWorks Theatre production of a Nashville premiere should offer some tantalizing what-ifs about self image and the desirable other. Paul J. Cook directs, and Amanda Lamb, who’s been seen in local musicals, courageously takes on the “big” role, with Michael Coursey portraying her new lover Tom. Wilhelm Peters and Lauren Atkins round out the cast as Tom’s questioning, acerbic friends.
Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: March 5. Continues through March 15, 2010

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