Electric Six w/Aficionado & Andy D

When: Thu., April 5, 8 p.m. 2012

It’s been about a decade since Detroit’s Electric Six became a cult sensation after the then-almost-famous Jack White was simply rumored to have sung backup on their single “Danger! High Voltage” (turns out he did). Had they called it quits after the as-noxious-as-it-ever-was novelty follow-up success “Gay Bar,” most of us might have never noticed. But they didn’t. Rather, they’ve managed to release a full-length almost every year since, proving they must have recruited some diehard fans along the way. In fact, to describe them as a quartet of irreverent hucksters, playing increasingly eclectic rock ’n’ roll brimming with pop culture jabs for a dwindling crowd of diehards across the country, subsisting primarily on a couple of nearly forgotten fluke hits, essentially makes them the Dead Milkmen of the 21st century. Only the Dead Milkmen are back together. So where does that leave us?

Seth Graves

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