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When: Feb. 1-2 2013

Cited by some as the progenitor of today’s action hero, the protagonist in Sergio Corbucci’s 1966 bloodbath is anything but a one-dimensional good guy. The titular casket-toting gunslinger, played by Franco Nero, lands in the midst of a standoff between rogues exiled from the Confederacy and bandits late of the Mexican revolutionary army, two equally corrupt forces bent on dominating a border town. Though his motivation remains shrouded in mystery, the solution to the problem is clear enough: Shoot to kill. Despite the brutality and massive body count, or perhaps because of it, the heavily stylized production was a huge hit with European audiences, and spawned an incredible 50 or more loosely related unofficial sequels. It also left a strong impression on Quentin Tarantino, who displays Corbucci’s influence throughout his work — Nero even gets a cameo in Django Unchained. After showing the movie last fall as part of its Corbucci tribute, The Belcourt’s bringing back the new Rialto Pictures reissue currently touring the country, but don’t go unless you want the Luis Enríquez Bacalov theme song lodged in your head (“Djan-go!”).

Stephen Trageser

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