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Dick50 at 3rd & Lindsley

Something on the Side


As much as Delbert McClinton’s music leans on loose-limbed R&B and meaty country grooves, he can be counted on to have a great band behind him. And that band of his — a quartet known as Dick50 — happens to gel so well together that they convened on their own time to make their own album, Late Show. It’s a first for the group, comprised of guitarist and frontman (as much as anyone’s the frontman) Rob McNelley, bassist Steve Mackey, drummer Lynn Williams and keyboardist Kevin McKendree, who recorded the album in his Franklin studio The Rock House. There’s some of what you’d expect from players whose common ground is McClinton’s repertoire. Case in point: “Medicine Man” is a swinging blues strut, made all the more humid and funky by a syncopated clavinet part. But Dick50 also goes places McClinton doesn’t — Britpop territory, for instance, as they do on a crisp, melodic little number called “2012.”
Fri., April 2, 10 p.m., 2010

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