Dark Star Screening

When: June 8-9 2012

Journey far into deep space to see man confront great philosophical questions and battle hostile alien life — with a broom. No, we’re not talking Prometheus here, but rather the 1974 screwball sci-fi classic Dark Star. Filmed for approximately the same amount that Ridley Scott spends on one week’s phone bill, Dark Star was the brainchild of future chain-smoking horror director John Carpenter and future Alien screenwriter Dan O’Bannon (who also stars as the aforementioned broom-wielding astronaut). It is perhaps the greatest-ever student film project made good and also features space surfing, philosophical debates with a very dedicated nuclear bomb, an alien made from a beach ball, and even a darn good country song. Of course there’s no better place to see this titan of schlock than East Nashville’s own ground zero of grindhouse goodness.

Randy Fox


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