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If the Kids are United


Sheesh, kids these days with their rock music and their shows and their actually caring about people aside from just themselves…what gives? When we were their age all we cared about was whether the new Star Trek spin-off was gonna suck less than the previous one. (Suck it, Deep Space Nine). Youth Empowerment through Arts & Humanities, the Murfreesboro arts center with a punk-rock heart, seems to have found not only kids that care, but kids that can actually rock. It’s no secret that we’re big fans of blues-thrashers The Kindergarten Circus, but we gotta say that How Cozy!, with their charming, Shrimper Records-style lo-fi pop and Glitch—we think they sound like a pubescent Clutch—are gonna give the KC a run for their money in the “adolescent awesomeness” race. Rock on, kids. Rock on.
Fri., Dec. 4, 2009

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