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County Down to Last 10 ‘W’ Stickers

Eclipsed by ‘1-20-09’ three months ago

For a while, it seemed they were on every third car—those little black rectangular stickers proclaiming “W The President.”

But they are increasingly rare. In fact, a survey of cars in Davidson County by the research firm Bumper Sticker Solutions, which bills itself as “the Nielsen ratings for bumper stickers,” shows that there are only 10 “W” stickers left in the county.

“These were never really campaign bumper stickers,” says Wendy Bryson of Bumper Sticker Solutions. “In fact, a lot of people put them on their vehicles after the election to side with a winner or to rub in Bush’s victory.

“But the time when people wanted to be perceived as on the same side as George Bush is pretty much over,” she adds.

The era of the “W” sticker can’t come to a close fast enough for some people. The display of stickers reading “1-20-09”—George Bush’s last day in office—have exploded in the past few months, Bryson says. Some of the stickers simply have the date, while others explain its meaning with phrases such as “Bush’s Last Day” or “The End of an Error.”

“We first started seeing those three years ago, when the ‘W’ stickers outnumbered them 200-to-one. But three months ago the ‘1-20’ stickers passed up the ‘W’ stickers and have continued to grow.”

Bryson says that the rapid growth of any partisan sticker usually leads to a parody backlash sticker.

“We saw the backlash to the ‘W The President’ stickers with the ‘M The Moron’ stickers, and we expect to see a backlash to the ‘1-20’ stickers soon. My best guess is that we will soon see stickers that read ‘1-20-09—McCain’s First Day.’ ”

The most surprising finding of the latest survey?

“We found two cars on the road that still have Sundquist stickers,” Bryson says. “We were all stunned by that.”

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