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Conestyle at The End

Americone Music


Those who caught Ocelots’ amazingly sludgetastic take on TLC’s “Waterfalls” at the Nashville Cream ’90s cover night last summer undoubtedly remember the crisp delivery of Left Eye’s rap — performed near-flawlessly by a slim fellow who hopped onstage, galvanized the crowd with one of the night’s most pleasantly unexpected performances, then was gone. Well, that guy is David Camp, and he happens to play keyboards (and occasionally shriek) in a band of his own. Conestyle don’t sound anything like TLC, but their stark, sometimes frantic instrumental compositions are worth chasing after. “Udars (the Epic)” manages to pull together Amen-style break beats (by a real drummer), Duster-like space-rock dirge, Boards of Canada-ish synth warps and dark, sinister bass. If Beak were half as good as people seem to think they are, they’d sound a lot like Conestyle.
Wed., Jan. 27, 9 p.m., 2010

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