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Cheetah Chrome Signing

When: Thu., Feb. 10, 3-5 p.m. 2011

We're not afraid to admit it. We like books smart books, political books and philosophical books, deep critical explorations of the human condition, thought-provoking literary journeys and gateways to cultures and ideas that are not are own. But all those Dostoevsky and Murakami hard-covers are really just window dressing — something to make us feel less like knuckleheads when our student loans come due. Our actual favorite books are punk-rock tell-alls. Please Kill Me. We've Got the Neutron Bomb. American Hardcore. What We Do Is Secret. Books about power-chord-loving nogoodniks getting into all sorts of trouble. That's our jam, as the kids say. So we'll definitely be in line to get a copy of the eponymous book from original Dead Boy, punk-rock founder, local transplant and certifiable guitar god Cheetah Chrome, because frankly, nobody's got more street cred than that dude.

Sean L. Maloney


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