CCTV EP Release Show w/Big Sir & Renard Hirsch

When: Fri., Dec. 17, 9 p.m. 2010

You may recognize Eric Lehning as an occasional Scene contributor. More to the point, you may recognize him as the sharply adorned, bravado-ensconced frontman for locals The Non-Commissioned Officers and soul covers outfit Chubby and the Dots. Lehning’s pet project, Cobra Cheetah Tiger Viper — typically shorthanded as CCTV — isn’t an enormous stylistic jump from The Non-Coms: Songs like “Right of Denial” and “No Prisoners” from CCTV’s brand-new EP, 2 Precious, feature the same new wave-influenced, urgent shout-alongs with surfed-out guitars and snappy synths that won The Non-Coms’ Make-Out With Violence OST so many accolades. If anything, 2 Precious is more streamlined and concise than most Non-Coms material — the punk-rock progression and synth callbacks of “Lay Into a Boy” suggest an affinity for brainy punk, post-punk and college-rock architects like XTC, Devo and The Clash. The stylish, unlikely icing on this particular rock ’n’ roll cake? Lehning’s full-bodied, multi-octave-spanning vocals and unsuspected but surprisingly fitting auxiliary instrumentation, such as the arresting fiddle and organ parts of “Cautionary Tale.”

D. Patrick Rodgers

Price: $5

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