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Blue vs. Grey Scooter Rally

When: June 1-3 2012

It’s a weekend of scooter-nerdery wrapped in history-nerdery deep-fried in record geekery and drizzled with whiskey — this is our kind of party! Well, except for the fact that Scoot Nashville president Ross Cochran — part of the brain trust that organized a weekend of scenic battlefield rides, a less scenic but still totally awesome tour of local record shops, Antique Archaeology-based swap meets and more — has banned us from ever sitting our ass on a two-wheeled conveyance ever again. (Guess we probably shouldn’t have crashed his scooter the one time he let us touch it.) But just because we can’t go out riding doesn’t mean YOU can’t, and it doesn’t mean we won’t stop by to support Cochran, who was swiped by a hit-and-run-driver a few weeks ago. Cochran is recovering faster than expected — he’s a tough li’l bugger — but can still use all the good vibes you can muster. Visit for more details.

Sean L. Maloney

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