Daughter of Holocaust Survivor Writes Stacey Campfield a Note



As you might have heard, Knoxville state Sen. Stacey Campfield used his "Thought of the Day" earlier this week to compare Americans signing up for insurance through Obamacare to Jews boarding German trains during the Holocaust.

Yup. That happened. He and his comments were rebuked by just about everyone, including his fellow Republicans and the chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party, Chris Devaney. Campfield dismissed Devaney's comments, saying the chairman was "apologiz[ing] to Obama" and seemingly mocked the uproar in another "Thought of the Day" yesterday.

Will he dismiss the chance to speak to an actual Holocaust survivor?

That's what Dr. Wendy Baker, of Nashville, is offering him. In an email sent to Campfield, and printed here with permission, Baker invites the senator to call her father, one of Campfield's constituents in Knoxville and an 86-year-old survivor of the Nazi concentration camp at Dachau.

Her note to Campfield is after the jump:

Dear Mr. Campfield,

Here is my father, Art Pais' phone number. He is one of your Knoxville constituents. He is an 86 year old survivor of Dachau. Call him. Get to know him. Hear his stories. He rode that train. My recollection is that none of his experiences are anything like paying for other peoples' health care. Please think about who's out there listening, right here in your own city, before you say something. Here are his numbers: [xxx-xxx-xxxx](h) [xxx-xxx-xxxx] (c). Please let me know when you have rendered your apology, or at least an explanation. He struggles to hear on the phone, so you might have to meet with him in person. I am happy to facilitate. If you think YOU, love this country, you should meet this TRUE American hero, who deeply appreciates the freedoms of the country that took him in, emaciated, without a penny to his name, barely speaking the language, and gave him the best revenge: living well.

Do you not understand that people who loosely toss around such outrageous analogies are THREATENING to people who have lived through these horrific atrocities, not clever?

I promise you your life will forever be enriched by hearing his stories while he can still tell them. Thank You.

Wendy Pais Baker, MD
Nashville, TN. (Yes... he put me through med school)

PS: Here is the link to his profile on the TN Holocaust Commission webpage. But you should read them all. They are all Tennesseans.


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