DA Candidates on the Airwaves with Ads



With early voting opening, Diane Lance and Rob McGuire are on the air with ads touting their campaigns. Their problem? Glenn Funk's been on the air for a month.

Lance has bought roughly $34,000 in local airtime from this week through the May 6 election date, FCC disclosures show. Her ads will appear mostly on newscasts and some morning shows on Channels 2, 4 and 5. McGuire has bought approximately $24,000 worth of ads on the same stations aimed at the same audiences (although he also bought on a few Wheel of Fortune episodes too).

Funk, though, has bought more than double what Lance and McGuire have purchased combined, dropping approximately $125,000 on the same three networks and also WZTV-Channel 17, the Fox affiliate. He has bought almost as much on WSMV-Channel 4 — 155 ads worth $45,045 — as the other two candidates overall.

Campaign finance disclosures last week showed Funk with a sizable advantage, raising $402,000 (with a $100,000 loan from himself) versus $209K for Lance ($150,000 in personal loans) and $151K for McGuire (no loans). That has obviously translated into a significant advantage on television.

Speaking of those ads, they're after the break ...

Diane Lance: "Spot No. 1"

Lance uses her mom's voice and childhood pictures to make the case that she has consistently worked for others. It's a humanizing ad that's well-paced, if a little light on what would make her a good DA.

Rob McGuire: "Prosecutor"

McGuire uses the hit Law & Order franchise's look and feel to emphasize his police endorsements and his time prosecuting criminals. If people don't roll their eyes at the use of the TV show, they'll likely walk away with one or two clear points McGuire is trying to make.

Glenn Funk: "Experience"

The most traditional ad is Funk's, with him standing in a courtroom giving his bona fides. It's also the most effective, with him speaking the most interesting line in any of the ads: "I know the difference between a bad person and a good kid in trouble." It's got resonance.

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