There's a Radical Agenda that Needs Decrying All Right — The State Senate's



The Associated Press is reporting some more on the UT 'Sex Week' farce. We've now entered la la land.

The state Senate has passed a resolution directing the University of Tennessee to require parents to opt in to allowing student fees to go toward events deemed "controversial or objectionable."

Yes, America, at 18, you can vote, smoke, sign contracts, get married, and die for your country. But our state Senate still thinks that Mommy and Daddy should have to give you permission to learn about sex. You want to talk about a radical agenda? A radical agenda is trying to figure out how to make the first amendment rights of one group of adults dependent on the whims of another group. A radical agenda is wanting to give parents veto power over the lives of their adult children. And my god, a radical agenda is letting Stacey Campfield, who, may I remind you, runs around telling people that AIDS happened because an airline pilot fucked a monkey, make decisions about what kinds of sex other people can talk about.

At this point, I'm convinced that the biggest bunch of perverts in this state is not the kids on UT's campus, but the 23 state senators who seem to have nothing better to do than to worry about what young, but legal adults are doing. It's like the Peeping Tom complaining about how kinky his neighbors are. State Senators, nothing happening at UT can be as nasty as your desire to discuss every salacious detail with each other. Perhaps you need to pass a resolution condemning yourself.

(On a side note, people on Twitter often bring up the idea that our state legislature may put forward some bills so outrageous so that all the focus goes to the crazy ones, thus leaving the body to pass more nefarious things without the public noticing. I cannot help but wonder — with the time spent on this legislation — if there's not some kind of analogous issue. I just find it really hard to believe that legislative leadership gives two shits about this, but man, they're willing to let the usual suspects — Bell, Campfield, etc. — ride this issue into the ground. If I were a legislator, I'd sure wonder who benefited and how from me being busy with this nonsense.)

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