The Daily Links: Lynx Rising, Butter's Victory and the Silent Super Bowl



Metro Pulse reporter, and Friend of Pith, Cari Wade Gervin directs our attention to this news about the rising lynx population in Maine. We welcome our lynx overlords. Thanks for the heads up, Cari.

From Knight Lab: Behind the dialect map interactive: How an intern created The New York Times’ most popular piece of content in 2013

From Quartz: The war against butter is over — butter won

From SB Nation: Dave Meggett was an all-pro running back. He became a serial rapist

From The New York Times: Super Sunday, and the Crowd Goes, Um, Silent

From MSNBC: How the Obamacare wars hurt the mentally ill

From The Toast: Unitarian Universalists: Hiding in Plain Sight

From Hyperallergic: The Art World's Casual Racism

From The New Republic: The Chinese Government Is Threatened by My Dance Moves

From The Atlantic: Sit Back, Relax, and Read That Long Story—on Your Phone

Those are the links. This is a lynx...

  • Amiee Stubbs

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