MNPD Shuts Down Worst Underage Beer Deal in Town



Nothing gold can stay.

Metro police padlocked Stop and Shop Tobacco and Beer on White Bridge Road Monday morning, after the convenience store was caught selling beer to teenagers.

WKRN has the details on the special deal the shop's owner was offering:

Officers have since learned the store developed a system where teenagers asked for the "$40 deal" and were given a case of beer in exchange.

WKRN also reports that store clerk Ameb Naguib will be arrested for "possessing cocaine, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer at the store Monday morning."

Pith encourages convenient stores to follow the law, instead of lending an assist to teenagers looking to break it.

(As an aside, though, we have to note: $40? Forty? Dollars? Folks, if it's sold in a case, it comes in a can. And as connoisseurs of that particular delivery method, we're here to tell you that $40 is a price only the most hilariously rich teenagers could pay for a case of beer that most gas stations are practically donating to the rest of the public. Let this be a lesson to you. Crime doesn't pay. Crime costs, and it charges a premium.)

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