Maybe Jones Lang Lasalle is Magic. Did its Critics Think of That?



Sure, it looks terrible that the very company the state is paying to help us figure out how to best utilize our office space is the same company that benefits from us moving our offices around.

And, sure, it's hilariously offensive that Phil Williams over at Channel 5 found that the very building we have to move the Lottery out of because of "the building's 'mechanical and electrical systems,' a less efficient 'floor plate design' and 'the risk of another flood such as MetroCenter has experienced' before" is the same building we are putting DCS in.

I mean, yes, that sure does seem like a scam — like we're just moving people around for the sake of moving people around, so that JLL can get paid for moving them.

But maybe they're magic. We don't know. It's not like Phil Williams asked them if they discovered that the cries of suffering children can be used to hold floodwaters back. But, if they had, it would explain how DCS is supposed to stay dry in a building that was doomed to soak the Lottery.

Just ask yourself — what's more likely? The Governor giving his buddies a sweetheart deal that devolves into ridiculousness or magic? I mean, you never hear the name Haslam connected to untoward things, so I think, obviously, we have to believe this is all explained by the supernatural.

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