All Aboard the Tennessee Republican Crazy Train



Not since Tennessee Republicans smeared Samar Ali have they flown their freak flag so proudly.

Ignoring statewide astonishment and disgust, state Sen. Frank Niceley is insisting on rubbing elbows this weekend with a gang of neo-confederate hatemongers. Then next weekend, Republicans in Obion County really turn up the crazy by feting Rafael Cruz, the father of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and a certifiable whackjob from way back.

Mother Jones did a little digging and revealed yesterday that the elder Cruz called President Obama an "outright Marxist" who "seeks to destroy all concept of God," and he urged a tea party crowd in April to send Obama "back to Kenya." Daddy Cruz also calls America a “Christian nation” and believes that, when the End Times come, there’s going to be this enormous transfer of wealth to all the fundamentalist Christians from everyone else, aka the heathens.

The Obion County GOP is sending a private jet after Cruz for this party fundraiser. That’s how much organizers think his brand of lunacy will appeal to West Tennessee's Republicans.

Not surprisingly, our request for comment from the state and county party has gone unanswered. But Democrats aren’t shy about talking about it.

"This isn't your grandaddy's GOP. Every time Republican politicians and the tea party discuss their extreme values, it’s clear that they are not speaking for the values of everyday Americans," said Democratic Party spokesman Brandon Puttbrese, pointing to a poll showing that nationally Republicans don't even like themselves much anymore.

"On issue after issue — women’s rights and health, rights for the LGBT Tennesseans and immigrants, reducing gun violence, workers' rights — these Republicans are woefully out-of-touch with Tennessee families."

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