Volkswagen Unionization Threatens Armageddon



Volkswagen workers think about exercising their constitutional rights.
  • Volkswagen workers think about exercising their constitutional rights.
The state’s business leaders got together to wring their hands over the possibility that Volkswagen might permit its Chattanooga workers to exercise their freedom of association.

If workers organize at Volkswagen, that’ll undo all that our Republican supermajority has achieved in kowtowing to big business, throwing Tennessee into the dark ages, according to the speakers at this Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry conference.

“Tennessee has done a lot of great things creating a business friendly state,” the chamber’s chairman-elect Wes Blumenshine said. “We’re on a roll, and it’s a risky proposition to introduce unionization into the mix here.”

This follows months of the state's top elected officials warning Volkswagen against the god-awfulness of unions.

Back in Germany, Volkswagen executives must scratch their heads over all the anti-union hysteria in this strange land called Tennessee. It’s like something out of the Grapes of Wrath. What’s next? A mob swinging baseball bats outside the plant’s gates?

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