#Lamarwatch: The Super PAC Behind Joe Carr Has $25



The super PAC that has been behind Joe Carr's campaign to beat Lamar Alexander has even bigger money troubles than Carr.

According to their filing with the Federal Election Commission, The Real Conservatives National Committee had only $25.26 on hand at the end of September. Their Beat Lamar campaign is organized by Michael Leahy, who is also the treasurer of RCNC.

In the quarter when Carr ramped up his candidacy and Beat Lamar attempted to pull Tea Party elements together behind the state representative from Rutherford Co., they raised just over $14,000 while they spent more than $15,000.

Their primary Tennessee funding came in the form of two conservative activists. Andy Miller, who was behind Lou Ann Zelenik's runs for office, gave $2,500 and Lee Beaman, the auto dealer behind the state's override of Metro's anti-discrimination ordinance, also gave $2,500. Another $5,000 came from Conservative HQ, the northern Virginia-based information arm of Tea Party funder Richard Viguerie.

After organizing in March, Leahy's outfit has raised less than $20,000 this year and spent all of it.


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