This Is What Happens When Marsha Blackburn Can't Answer A Simple Question



Marsha Blackburn was on CNN this morning to talk privacy concerns over the Affordable Care Act website raised in a committee hearing yesterday. She asked a very simple question: What health records are you concerned about the government getting through the website?

She couldn't answer it.

This gets to one of the fundamental problems with the critique of Obamacare as a Big Brother-type of initiative — outside of setting up the transaction, the government isn't providing the care. Blackburn and others are raising the specter of Big Government in your life but all the program essentially does is facilitate most of us getting private health insurance. At the end of your sign-up, you're dealing with Blue Cross/Blue Shield or Aetna or another private insurer. There is no public option in the legislation and, in Tennessee, there is no expansion of Medicare.

For those of you with a keen sense of irony, Blackburn voted in 2011 to extend the Patriot Act, giving us programs like PRISM which allow the government to basically monitor all forms of electronic communication that we use.

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