Governor Sheds Crocodile Tears Over Obamacare's Difficulties



Gov. Bill Haslam went to the Tri-Cities and — wouldn’t you know it? — reporters forced him to explain yet again why exactly he’s refusing to accept billions of dollars in federal money to provide health insurance coverage for the working poor in this state under Obamacare.

The governor trotted out his usual lame response. He wants to implement a special “Tennessee Plan,” and that damn Washington just won’t listen to him, and so the citizens of this state are screwed, and that’s that. Life is unfair.

As we read this article headlined “Haslam: Talks continue on ‘Tennessee Plan’ for health insurance,” we were about to nod off because Haslam has been performing this little tap dance for months. But then he was quoted as saying something new:

“I’m concerned that obviously the plan is off to an incredibly slow start in the difficulty of getting people enrolled.”

Whoa! Seriously, governor? You are concerned? If Haslam was really worried, he should have stepped up and accepted the responsibility to run Tennessee’s insurance exchange himself. He refused to do that almost a year ago, claiming it was “a business decision based on what is best for Tennesseans.”

Along with every other Republican in the universe, Haslam has tried from the beginning to sabotage the Affordable Care Act. Now with Tennesseans wondering whose side he’s on, he’s claiming to be concerned for their welfare.

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