#Lamarwatch: Carr Reveals Weak Fundraising of 'a Little Bit Less Than $100,000' (update: it's worse)



Joe Carr stopped by The Ralph Bristol Show Wednesday for a chat about his effort to unseat Sen. Lamar Alexander in next year's Republican primary. Bristol's show has served as the Carr campaign's de facto headquarters and their chats act as extended commercials for the Tea Party challenger. Unfortunately for Carr, however, fundraising came up this time.

Earlier this week, Lamarland announced that it has raised $837,857 in the third quarter, for a total of $3.88 million raised on the year through Sept. 30, and leaving the Senior Senator's re-election campaign with $2.8 million in cash on hand.

Today, Bristol asked Carr how things were going on his end? Not so well, it turns out. A transcript of the exchange is after the jump:

Ralph Bristol: Lamar says he raised $900,000 in the third quarter. Can you tell us how you did?

Joe Carr: "We didn’t—obviously, we were focused on getting the Coalition for a Constitutional Senate—we were focused on that endorsement. We were focused on getting the endorsement of BEAT Lamar in the month of September. We were making the transition in August, and July is the worst fundraising month of the year. We certainly didn’t do as well as that. I don’t have an exact figure, but it was a little bit less than $100,000, I believe, total for this quarter..."

UPDATE: Well, it turns out that by "a little bit less" he meant substantially less. AP reports that he raised $52,000 for the quarter. For those of you keeping track at home, that's about 16 times less than the Senior Senator.

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