Every Poor Person in this State Should Immediately Change His or Her Name to 'Great Smokey Mountain National Park'



Lest we forget, the Governor is still trying to decide if we should expand Medicaid in Tennessee and help poor people get health insurance.

He sat back for two years while 100 children who had come into contact with DCS died before he made a change in leadership.

And we're looking at WIC running out of funds by the end of the month. We've not heard what the Governor plans to do in that event.

A gal might be tempted to say that the Governor seems to lack a sense of urgency. But then, I read that he rushed to make a deal with the Feds to reopen the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, which, according to the AP, will cost the state $60,000 a day:

Haslam told reporters in Clarksville on Monday that banks were already closed by the time the state was informed about how much money to wire to the federal government on Friday afternoon.

Listen, we make a ton of money from tourists coming to the Park. It is, indeed, devastating for the Park to be closed right at the height of the autumn tourist season. I'm glad Haslam could work a deal. But you know what else is devastating? A kid dying even after she came to the attention of DCS. A mom who can't buy formula for her baby. A working-class guy with diabetes who can't get insurance. It would be nice if the governor felt the same sense of panic at the thought of that as he does at the thought of the Park remaining closed.

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