The Daily Links: Live Free or Shutdown



The shutdown will not prevent our annual Best of Nashville issue from coming out tomorrow. Until then, click these:

From The Atlantic Wire: No party in Gallup's history has been less popular than the GOP is right now

From the Los Angeles Times: Chicken salmonella outbreak becomes symbol of federal shutdown

From New York: The 8 Most Plausible Ways a Debt-Ceiling Catastrophe Could Be Averted

From New York: House Republicans’ Ransom Demands Falling

From The Atlantic: False Equivalence That Leans on Public Opinion Is Still False Equivalence

From Talking Points Memo: Wolf Blitzer says Obamacare should have been delayed for a year

To preserve your sanity, some non shutdown-related links:

From The New Republic: Tributes to the late Stanley Kauffmann, the magazine's esteemed film critic since 1958

From My Modern Met: A Mind-Blowing LEGO Recreation of LOTR's Helm's Deep Battle

From Gizmodo: Watch This Girl With Telekinetic Powers Freak Out Coffee Shop Patrons

Those are the links. This is a lynx...

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