Is Lamar Alexander Running Against Lamar Alexander?



Here at Pith in the Wind, our heads are spinning. Only three weeks ago, Sen. Lamar Alexander said it’s “wacky” to hold America hostage over Obamacare. But in his latest speech on the Senate floor, he defended that shut-down-the-government crowd. Now, Alexander says, they’re “the face of reasonableness."

Seriously? Is the pressure getting to Lamar? Is he cracking up? Or now that he's fighting for his political life in next year's election, is he suddenly learning to love the tea party? We know Republicans are confused about who they are these days during their little family feud, but this is ridiculous. Judge for yourself:

Alexander to the Nashville Rotary club on Sept. 9:

You may have seen ads on television saying I’m not a good Republican because I won’t shut down the government if we continue to fund the health care program, which is the law of the land. I understand those passions but it reminds me of a Sunday school class where somebody wanders in and says, ‘I’m a better Christian than you are and if you don’t agree with me then you need to get out of the church.’ If I say, ‘Well, grandma’s a Quaker and Aunt Mary’s a Church of Christ and we’re all different but we’re all the same ballpark.’ That’s what conservatives in my view should remember.

I don’t know of a Republican senator who’s for Obamacare. I’ve had the chance to vote against it 23 times. But I didn’t expect to be judged by the people of Tennessee when I was governor by making a speech. Nor did I say to Ned McWherter when he was the speaker ‘if you don’t pay teachers more for teaching well like I want to do then I’m going to shut down the government.’ I think the people of Tennessee would have thought I was wacky if I had done that.

Alexander on the Senate floor yesterday:

[President Obama] seems to be able to talk with the Iranian rulers, but not the congressional leaders. … This stubbornness in the face of reasonableness will not be good for our country, will not be good for either political party, it will not help us to achieve the kind of result on this and other issues that the Founders intended by creating a system of checks and balances in our democratic form of government.

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